How To Install VIM (Vi IMproved) on Fedora 23 Print

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Step #1: The Installation

As a matter of best practice we’ll update our packages:

dnf -y update

Then we’ll install VIM (Visual editor IMproved) and any required packages:

dnf -y install vim-enhanced

Step #2: Verify the Application is Available

Now verify that the application is available by using the following command:


Running that code should result in output similar to the following:

~ VIM - Vi IMproved
VIM - Vi IMproved
~ version 7.4.827
~ by Bram Moolenaar et al.
~ Modified by <[email protected]>
~ Vim is open source and freely distributable
~ Help poor children in Uganda!
~ type :help iccf for information
~ type :q to exit
~ type :help or for on-line help
~ type :help version7 for version info

Step #3: Learn VIM!


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